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The Many Uses Of Dental Crowns

Crowns are incredibly versatile dental restorations. Here’s what they can do. 

When you imagine a crown you probably think about the gold headdress that royalty often wears; however, we’re talking about the type of crown that goes over a tooth. A crown is a tooth-shaped restoration that fits over the tooth. Some people simply refer to it as a “cap”. Wondering why our Mesa, AZ, dentist Dr. Katia Mortazavinia may recommend getting a dental crown?

You may need a dental crown if, 

You have a large cavity 

Most cavities can be treated by removing the decayed enamel and then restoring the tooth with a dental filling; however, what happens if the cavity takes up a large portion of the tooth? In instances where a dental filling may not be enough to fully support the tooth, our Mesa, AZ, family dentist may recommend placing a crown over the tooth instead.

You have a cracked tooth 

Did you break a tooth while eating something hard? While some teeth break off into pieces, a partial break may result in a terrible toothache and tooth sensitivity. When this happens it’s important that you see your doctor immediately; a broken or damaged tooth needs to be treated right away. Depending on the extent of the break, our dentist will most likely need to place a crown over what’s left of the natural tooth structure to protect it.

You have a severely worn tooth 

Do you grind your teeth? If so, this habit alone can wear your teeth down over time. Combine this with a misaligned smile like an overbite or underbite and all that excess pressure can wear down teeth enamel. To prevent these teeth from becoming so weak that they do crack or break, our dentist may place a crown over the tooth. 

Your tooth is discolored or misshapen 

From certain genetic disorders to taking antibiotics for long periods of time, there are many factors that can leave teeth malformed, oddly shaped or severely discolored. While the tooth itself is healthy and fine you may feel self-conscious about the tooth’s appearance. While there are a variety of ways to improve the shape, size and color of the tooth, a crown is one of those options. 

Do you have questions about dental crowns? Need to schedule an evaluation with our dentist for a damaged tooth? If so, call Elite Family Dentistry in Mesa, AZ, today at (480) 265-8702 to book an appointment.

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