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Keeping Dentures Clean

Whether you already have dentures or are considering getting dentures, keeping them clean is a major part of making sure your dentures are safe and effective. To protect your oral health and the longevity of your smile, there are a few at-home and professional methods you can use to keep your dentures clean. If you are looking for denture care or interested in getting fitted for dentures in Mesa, AZ, look no further than Dr. Katia Mortazavinia of Elite Family Dentistry.

Ways To Keep Your Dentures Clean

Just like regular teeth, dentures need to be cleaned daily to prevent the build-up of bad bacteria in your mouth. The most common method of cleaning dentures is by using a soft-bristle denture brush and dental cleaner for a gentle, yet effective clean. Using a soft-bristle brush will help prevent any scratching on the surface of the dentures, which can harbor unwanted bacteria in the crevices.

If you run out of dental cleaner, it is essential that you do not substitute with toothpaste, as many kinds of conventional toothpaste can cause damage to dentures. Instead, use water and do not skip routine brushing! This includes brushing your dentures, existing teeth, gums, and tongue. Rinsing your dentures with water after each meal will also help to keep them clean between daily brushings.

In addition to rinsing and brushing, most dentures should also be removed each night for soaking to help them hold their shape and keep them from drying out. This can be done with a commercially available soaking solution, mouthwash, or cold water. Be careful not to use hot water for soaking your dentures, as this could result in warping. However, some dentures with metal attachments should not be soaked at all. Therefore, it is important to talk to your dentist about proper care of your dentures in Mesa, AZ.

See A Dentist Regularly

In addition to regular cleaning at home, dentures also require occasional professional cleanings and exams at your dental office. If you require a dentist to help ensure the proper fit of your dentures in Mesa, AZ, and maintain your oral health, give Dr. Mortazavinia of Elite Family Dentistry a call today! For questions or to make an appointment, please call 480-265-8702.

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